Geomantic Divination

gd-geomancyGeomancy is a binary system of divination that offers insight into the probable outcome of any given situation. A question is asked, and in response random numbers are generated. These numbers are broken down to even and odd, represented by two dots or one dot, arranged into a series of consecutive figures and plugged into a chart, which in turn can be interpreted to illuminate the matter at hand.

As reader and querent, we’ll work on establishing a clear, concise, and direct question before divination is attempted. A typed report and a copy of your chart will be included, along with a thorough analysis of all the symbols and relevant material in the reading. Follow-up questions for clarity will be gladly answered. Divination readings usually take 48 to 72 hours to perform, analyze and report, external circumstances permitting. Feedback and follow-up results are always appreciated.

Mini-reading: A quick and short reading that makes use of three geomantic figures, providing a solid overview of a situation and how to best proceed. Good for preliminary readings and yes/no questions.

Standard Reading:
A thorough divination using the oracle of geomancy, incorporating various methods of geomantic technique to explore and exhaust the causes, effects, solutions, and perceptions on a query. Forecasts, requests for advice or direction, and explorations of possibility are all valid inquiries.

Comprehensive Reading: These readings incorporate the traditional geomantic method of divination combined with the powerful skills and nuances of astrology. Since both systems use the same framework of symbols, combining them can provide a highly detailed and thorough method of answering a query beyond standard geomantic technique. Due to the level of inspection and work involved, these cost more than regular geomantic readings, but can provide more information as well.

For information on rates, or to request a geomantic reading, please contact us at your convenience.